Everything served in our café is entirely homemade, from our sandwiches and pies to our pickles. We cook with seasonal produce collected weekly from the local market, which means our lunch specials feature fresh new recipes each day.

Breakfast and brunch is served in the café daily from 8am-12pm weekdays and all day Saturday. Whether it’s warm toast with homemade jam and a cuppa, or a full breakfast with our own special recipe baked beans and brown sauce, take your pick. Our popular homemade almond porridge oats and granola are served daily in the café and can now even be bought to take home from our groceries counter.

For lunch we have homemade soups and rainbow salads, as well as fresh sandwiches. Our daily lunch specials include everything from risottos and delicious dhal to frittatas and heart warming classics like bubble and squeak. We pride ourselves on using only seasonal, fresh and local ingredients to create dishes full of flavour and goodness.

Join us for lunch Monday - Friday from noon to 3pm.