We endeavour to make the finest bread using the best ingredients and traditional methods. We source organic flour from Shipton Mill, salt from the sea and water from the tap. We use no additives, improvers or stabilisers. Many of our breads are made without the addition of commercial yeast, but with naturally occurring ‘wild’ yeasts and friendly bacteria cultivated in levain (sourdough). Our ‘yeasty’ breads are made with a pre-fermentation (poulish). We use long and slow fermentation techniques to enhance the flavour, texture and character of the finished loaf.

Each loaf is gently crafted by hand and baked on the stone sole of the oven. When the bread comes out of the oven we let it cool and sell directly from our bakery on North Street or deliver to our wholesale customers by bicycle. We take personal bread orders from Monday to Thursday - orders must be in by 9.00am the day BEFORE required. Non-gluten ingredients loaves are available on Tuesday and Friday and can be paid for and ordered in advance.

The photos below do not represent our entire repertoire - they are examples of the bread we have available everyday, as well as some of our more frequent daily specials.