We start baking before dawn each day using the best local ingredients, including Shipton Mill organic flour. From Monday to Saturday at 8am as our doors open, you’ll find sourdoughs, rye, bloomers and more, freshly stocked on our bread counter and ready to go.

Each loaf is gently crafted by hand in our bakery. You won’t find additives, improvers or stabilisers in any of our breads, simply high quality ingredients brought together using traditional methods. Many of our breads are made without the addition of commercial yeast and instead with naturally occurring ‘wild’ yeasts and friendly bacteria cultivated in levain (sourdough). Our ‘yeasty’ breads are made with a pre-fermentation. We use long and slow fermentation techniques to enhance the flavour, texture and character of the finished loaf.

A variety of special loaves are baked in our ovens every week. We rotate our bread specials and each of our bakers has their own favourite creation to add to the bread counter. You can check the special breads being baked daily for each coming week.

Alongside our breads you’ll find pastries fresh from our ovens every morning. Our pastry is folded, pressed, rested and hand shaped by our pastry chefs, before being baked and added to the bread counter. From traditional croissant to pan au raisin, drop in to enjoy with a fresh morning coffee in our café.

Here are just some examples of the bread we have available each day, as well as some of our more frequent daily specials.