Founded by Mark Newman in November 2009, we are a small, award-winning artisan bakery and café based on North Street, Bristol.  We specialise in simple good-value produce. You can also find our bread in 26 specially-selected local restaurants and shops, having been delivered around the city by bicycle. We have added a unique and thriving café space next to our bakery, developed from what was a car repair garage. A space that regularly transforms from a café to a baking school, a pop up pizza restaurant or an afternoon tea venue. 

Proud to be part of the local community we often take part in community events, from making street food at 'Up Fest' (the largest graffiti festival in the world), to the baking of a giant 20kg loaf at Bedminster's Arts Trail, which was given away as free toast.

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Life is short. We want to look forward to Monday morning. We want our work to be interesting and intriguing. The alchemy that transforms flour and water into life sustaining bread is awesome. We want our employees to be fulfilled and our customers delighted. We want to work with our community, to talk to people, to give them a choice, to make them smile. We want to treat others the way we would want them to treat us. We want to make a fair and responsible profit. We believe small is beautiful. We want to tread lightly and not destroy the future for our children. We want to be proud of what we do. And we want to make the best food that we can, the food of the body and the soul.


Keeping waste to a minimum is important to us, as is using local suppliers and quality organic ingredients. We sell yesterday's bread at half price and use leftover pastries to become today's sought after almond croissant! 

We are committed to recycling and shrinking our waste, quite literally sometimes! We use steam to help us crush our plastic containers so that they take up less room in the bin. We bag up our used coffee grounds and tea leaves in the café and give them away to our customers to use in their composts. Read more here.

Our wholesale customers have their bread from us delivered by bicycle.  The cargo bike we use has been specially designed and made in Bristol for us by 'Rodford Built' and won the Constructor's Challenge award at 2015's bike festival 'Bespoked'. 

All of the ideas in this bicycle have their feet in the vision of Bristol based production of a commercially available bicycle’s. We looked at other manufacturers design specs and aimed to make a bike that weights less and performs better in the UK’s more demanding and varied environments, all at a comparable cost.

Its great that we can work together, this is a story of two businesses, both set aside from the mainstream yet very relevant to the future of our inner cities. ‘Marks Bread’ and ‘Rodford built’ both offer something fresh to consumers and something better to the world they inhabit.
— Rob and Steve


From January 2018 we aim to support 'Young Minds' as our chosen charity, as much as we can. Young Minds is a small charity that does amazing work to support young people with mental health issues. To find out more visit  www.youngminds.org.uk

We have supported Conductive Education Bristol since August 2014. 'CE Bristol' offers free conductive education session to families of children with cerebral palsy and similar motor disorders.

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